Call For Developers & Testers

Currently GoFast is still being developed as a closed source game. However, we fully intend to make GoFast open source once it is deemed ready to be placed into the wild to be tested and developed by others. In fact, our long-term goal is to have development of GoFast continued on exclusively by those in the open source community once our university project has come to a close. We see our prototype game as a seed that that has the potential to grow into something great.

Our criteria for when to release our prototype into the public domain is as follows:

Most of these criteria have already been met, and we will be opening up GoFast to the world shortly (via GoFast's project page). Thus we are currently looking for interested parties to fulfill the following roles:

Java Developers

We are actively looking for individuals whom are interested in contributing to the development of GoFast. Specifically, we are looking for developers whom:

Game Testers

As our game is exclusively multiplayer, we are looking for individuals whom would like to try GoFast and provide us with some feedback on it. In order to play the game one must have: If you are interested in becoming an a developer and/or tester please contact Matt Anderson (manderso AT sfu DOT ca), GoFast's current project manager.