GoFast's Gameplay

GoFast does not have fancy graphics.
GoFast does not have a fancy soundtrack.
GoFast does not have an elaborate, immersive story.

So what does GoFast have? Truly entertaining gameplay.

Much like a mini-scavenger hunt, the game requires players to run from computer to computer in search of their team identifier. During pre-game setup the game players are divided into teams of one or more players and each team is associated with a set of team identifiers (for example, a letter and a number). When the game starts each player must run around looking for his or her team's nodes (computers displaying the identifier of a team). Upon finding a node with the correct identifier, a player must tap a key on the keyboard to indicate to the game that that specific node has been found. The first team that finds all its associated nodes wins a round. The team that wins the most rounds wins the game.

This concept is most easily understood graphically (below) or by watching a video of a game being played.